About Me

Hi, Im Tegan and this is a little ditty about me and how I came to know Nothing Lasts Forever.

As a first time Mother I heard this a lot. I knew what I was being told was true, but through the fog of newborn life and at times the monotony of long days home alone, I eagerly anticipated the next milestone. Rolling over, sleeping through the night and those first steps couldn't come quick enough.

The second time around I knew better. I knew that a day or two of cluster feeding would be exactly that - just a day or two. I knew that the broken sleep from night feeds would be tough, but I also knew that before long my littlest love wouldn't need me quite so much.

Now, with my youngest daughter on the verge of turning two - she is officially no longer a baby. I have never been so painfully aware that Nothing Lasts Forever. 

I can count my regrets on one hand. Right after a questionable butterfly tattoo, my only regret is not having documented those early days, weeks and months.

Sure I have iphone snaps. Heck, I've probably got 10,000 of them. But where are they? They're haphazardly stored on a computer that could crash at any minute, only to be lost forever.  

 Just as quickly as they were taken they were forgotten.

As a mother of 2 who is unlikely to have any more children, I have to accept my sadness at not having any meaningful images of my pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys.

I think it will always sting a little, but knowing what I know now and truly understanding that Nothing Lasts Forever, I'm going to do better. My girls are still so young. Their hands are still dimpled, their thighs still creased with baby fat and their eyes and minds are still so incredibly innocent and sweet. 

So, if you have also just discovered the importance of documenting your family, or maybe you've always known, then its time to get in touch. 

Let me shine a light on how amazing YOU and YOUR family are. 

There is so much beauty in the everyday. Its time to celebrate it and capture it - NOW, before all those things you so desperately want to remember are exactly that - just memories poorly taken and stored on an iphone. 

- Tegan 

Wife, mother and lover of making the mundane beautiful.

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