Because questions - we've all got 'em.

What to expect when you're expecting.... or not expecting but want to know what to expect, you know?


- Pick the location. So tell me, your place or mine? And by mine I mean I can help you choose the perfect outdoor location.

- Get to be you! How often does your family all dress in matching white shirts and denim for a stroll on the beach? Never? Awesome! If you answered something like "Every second Sunday"  - then swipe left! SWIPE LEFT!

- Don't have to say Cheese or Bananas or talk about any food, unless of course you're also shouting lunch?

- Get to have some serious fun. Our session will focus on the connection between you and yours. And what better way to connect than with cuddles, tickles and play.


- I'm going to ask lots of questions before and during our session. I want to get to know you so I can authentically tell your story. 

- I will capture the way you interact with your family. Are you a bunch of card players, beach goers, kite flyers or fort builders?  Whatever it is, count me in!

- I wont be bothered by a toddler meltdown or overtired newborn. And just between us, I'm even pretty good with grumpy dads, because even the grumpiest cant be grumpy for too long when they feel the relaxed,fun vibe of our session. 

Stay with me while I break it down some more...

I wanna book! Tell me how to BOOK!

Congrats, you're making decisions like a BOSS. I dig it! 
Now, lets talk booking. First things first, flick me a message so we can chat dates.
After we've found a date that works for us both, I will email you a questionnaire to help me understand your family and all the weird and wonderful things you like to do. This will also contain payment details so that you can secure your session with a retainer. 

Then, its on like Donkey Kong. 

So, what actually happens?

For in home sessions, I will ask for a quick tour of your home to scope out the lighting and familiarise myself with your space. This is also a great time for Mum to finish getting ready while I get to know the little ones who will really be running the show! If you have young kids - especially toddlers - then we are at their mercy. But that's all part of the fun.

For Outdoor sessions, we will meet at the previously arranged location and have a look around for the best spot to shot. More often than not I will have already been to the location and have a fair idea of where will work best!

For both sessions, I will give you a brief run down of how I see the session flowing and what shots I would like to get. If you have any last minute MUST HAVE shots in mind, make sure you let me know!

I will often place you in a particular spot based on lighting and get you to snuggle up and just 'be'  (you know,  as if a random lady with a camera wasn't there taking your picture.) I will guide and direct as needed, but mostly I just encourage you interact with your loved ones like you always do - just with extra tickles.   

Ok, Im with you. But, how important is location?

All my fellow Sex and the City lovers will know - location is everything! Well, not everything exactly, but a total character in its own right!

When choosing your location think about what your family LOVE to do. If you spend your weekends at home playing board games and building forts then THAT is what we should capture. If your kids LOVE building sandcastles down the beach then THAT is what we should capture. If you go to the same cafe every Sunday for breakfast - invite me along and THAT is what we will capture. Doing something you and your family love and feel comfortable doing will result in the best images with the most genuine laughs and smiles - minus the cheese.

In home sessions tend to serve up a whole lot of feels because as they say, home is where the heart is.  But seriously, there is no better way to capture 'your life right now' than by doing it in the place that you live!

Think about 10 years from now - what moments do you want to look back on and cherish? I know what images  I want to see. Me, my babes and my husband curled up in our bed, just like we do on our days off. I want to see my youngest with her thumb in her mouth  as shes ready for bed and her chubby hands clutched around Dumbo, her Lovey. I want to see my three year old, having a dance party in her room, just like she has done for every day for the last 6 weeks.

However, for all you outdoorsy folk, we can do a session almost anywhere! If you have an idea in mind just let me know and we can work it out!  

Location sorted, what time will our session be?

Outdoor sessions are scheduled for early morning or late afternoon - I'm talking anywhere from 7am  or from 430pm depending on the time of year (during daylight savings this could be 6pm!). At these times of day the light is most flattering as its beautiful and soft. 

In home sessions allow us more flexibility as we don't have to worry about harsh midday sun. Its best we schedule our session  based on what time of day the main rooms in your home are well lit - I generally shoot in the Master bedroom and living rooms and in the case of newborn lifestyle sessions the nursery!

Yay! Our session was amazing! When do we get our photos?

I aim to post a 'sneak peek' on my socials within 24-48 of our session taking place. I'm always on a massive high after a shoot and can't wait to edit and share at least ONE image. Sometimes I'm unable to tag you - depending on your privacy settings - so please TAG yourself and SHARE the post with your friends and family - they want to see your adorable family too!

The remainder of your images will be loaded to your password protected Online Gallery within 2 -3 weeks of the session. Here you can view all the watermarked images and make your selections or chose to UPGRADE and receive the entire gallery!

Once I've received your selections I send you a handy link for you to  DOWNLOAD the images in hi -res. Its as simple as that!

If you're thinking or ordering any prints/albums I can provide quotes for these items from my ProLab. Trust me, Kmart does not cut the mustard when it comes to printing!

Help me, what do we wear?

Even though we may be shooting the whole family, or focusing the session on your newborn baby, the most important wardrobe choice should be based around what Mum is wearing!

So ladies, wear whatever it is you feel fabulous in! 

After Mum is sorted then focus on co-ordinating the rest of the family - whilst avoid the matchy matchy!  Shirts with logos should also be avoided. In general a neutral pallet with Pops of colour, pattern or texture photograph best!

Still not sure? Feel free to send me you had in mind prior to the session. I may wear 90% Kmart 100% of the time - but i still give solid fashion advice. 

Oh no, Its raining. What do we do?

After we finish cursing the weather Gods, we take a second, chill and just reschedule!

I'm happy to shoot in most weather - overcast days are actually a photographers dream. But if its officially raining, then its best for everyone (and my really expensive camera) to reschedule

Ugh, we're all sick!

No drama - lets reschedule. If one of your family members is unwell then I have no problems rescheduling. Just as I know you will understand if I need to reschedule  due to sickness - the last the we both want is your kids (especially babies) getting sick. 

Oh Baby! Our newborn isnt such a newborn any more. Are we too late?

Absolutely not! The beauty of lifestyle photography is that it captures your life - right now! So, if you spent the first few weeks of bubs life in a newborn bubble that's fine, your baby will just be a little more alert and interactive!

We want to do an in home session, but we are our house doesn't exactly scream Pinterest!

Let me tell you this is not a problem at all! Its surprising how the camera can turn a simple room into something special - especially when the love and connection between your family is the focus.

The rooms I tend to shoot will depend on what activities you like to do at home, however in general the rooms I shoot in are the Master Bedroom - so everyone can climb up on the bed and cuddle, as well as the living room and the nursery/kids bedrooms. 

Don't stress about spending the week before our session scrubbing every nook and cranny - ain't nobody got time for that. Just make sure the areas we will be shooting in are clutter free - and if you can spring for some fresh flowers to add some colour and life that'd be awesome! Remember we are shooting YOU in the YOUR home - so its meant to look lived in.

You're going to photoshop me, right?

Ah, no. Lifestyle photography is about capturing the natural beauty of your family. So I wont make you slimmer, remove a regretful tattoo or replace all images of hubby with Channing Tatum.

Specific retouching (such as teeth whitening etc) can be discussed for an additional surcharge depending on the request. 

Can we order products?

You sure can! Im currently working on a list of products to offer my clients.

In the mean time if you are after something in particular please let me know and we can discuss it!

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